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Ladies and Gentlemen​.​.​.​Gareth Paul

by Gareth Paul

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Latent's Records is proud to present the long-awaited debut EP from London-based singer-songwriter Gareth Paul.

Featuring beats from Latent, Will-Powerz and Coldkeyz music, with Gareth Paul's sultry vocals and a few appearances from LR mainstay Will-Powerz, this free EP is guaranteed to show you why Gareth Paul is one to watch!


released September 28, 2014

Cover design by Latent & Will-Powerz. All songs mixed and mastered by Latent & Will-Powerz.

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Gareth Paul London, UK

Gareth Paul is a young singer-songwriter from London. Drawing on influences as diverse as Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd, John Legend, Eminem and Labrinth, there's something in his work for any music fan. Expect plenty more music from this rising talent!

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Track Name: Can't Move On [Prod. Latent]
The finger of blame
Is pointing my way.
So tell me
What you want to hear.
And I'll lie
To well timed tears.
We can't move on...
We can't move on...
I thought I could please you
You said it was easy.
But green lights
Have turned to red
We can't move on...
We can't move on...
It's such a shame
That's all that's left to say.
No baby
We can't see it through
You'll lose me
And I'll lose you.
Let's move on...
Let's move on...
Let's move on...
Bye bye baby
Let's move on...
Bye bye baby
Let's move on...
Track Name: Don't Worry (feat. Will-Powerz) [Prod. Latent & Coldkeyz Music]
<Verse 1> (Gareth Paul)
How can you mend a broken heart?
How can she say that it will change?
Why am I finding it so hard?
I promised it would not end this way...
Running back and forth playing them games.
It used to be so simple, remember them days?
Laying on the grass with her, life was a haze
I try to block it out, but the memory stays.

Don't you worry
Everything will be OK
Don't you fear.
Just hold on one more day

<Verse 2> (Will-Powerz)
I knew her as a friend
Knew she was depressed
Knew I couldn't bear to let her tears manifest.
With never a rest, under the radar
She worked to give others the best
And others' success was a testament
To the blessings her presence invests;
What another requests, she'd always attempt to provide.
Glowing from a warmth from inside her
No-one recognized she's the best thing in their whole life!
"Everything will be OK"
The words replayed as the boundaries fade;
Stuck in another fine mess that I've made, see:
She and I, we're just friends,
And my heart breaks knowing that's where the story ends.
Now I keep hearing the same words again:
"Everything will be OK"


(Gareth Paul)
Everything will be OK...
I keep on tryna go on that way

That way you looked at me
Please set me free, that's all I need

(Gareth Paul)
All I need's to be with you...

You'll never love me too...
All that we've been through together
All I can say:
I don't see how it will be OK

Track Name: We're Not Ok (feat. Will-Powerz) [Prod. Latent & Coldkeyz Music]
<Verse 1>
I check my phone,
I see your name
I just can't be free!
Leave me alone.
Not playing games
Why won't you leave me be?
On the first few days
I liked your crazy ways,
Now our time is through.
I don't care what you say
You think that we're OK,
I keep telling you...

You never change
You stay the same, that means...
We're not OK
Why can't you change?
You're such a strain...
We're not OK

<Verse 2>
It was going well,
You found someone else
And I thought I was free.
But he messed up.
That's just my luck,
Cos now you're back on me!
Sometimes I turn off my phone
And leave my comfort zone...
I just need some peace.
But I should have known,
Like every time has shown,
You won't leave me be!


Why won't you leave me be?
We're not OK...
Why won't you leave me be?
We're not OK...
Why won't you leave me be?
We're not OK...
Why won't you leave me be?
We're not OK...